Over 2,000 Academics from around the globe ask
for the release of Catalans political prisoners and
fair elections in Catalonia.

Over 2,000 University professors, academics, researchers, and politicians from around the world have signed an online petition addressed to the UN and EU asking the Spanish Government to release of political prisoners, and for fair and honest elections to be held on December 21st in Catalonia.

The petition, available at Democracy.cat and translated into more than 10 languages, has been collecting support during the months of November and December from many prominent academics, public intellectuals and politicians. They include Professor Noam Chomsky (MIT), Mr. Mikko Kärnä (MP Finland), Professor Monsterrat Guibernau (University of Cambridge), Professor Ferran Requejo (UPF), Dr. Ramon Grosfoguel (University of California, Berkeley), Professor James Galbraith (University of Texas at Austin), Diether Dehm (MP German Parliament), Professor Carles Boix (University of Princeton) and many others from the USA, Australia, Mexico, Finland, Ecuador, Germany, India, Spain, the UK and Catalonia, to name just a sample of the range of locations supporting the petition.

To access the petition, its translation into several languages, and the list of signatories, please visit www.democracy.cat. The petition has now been formally sent to the UN and EU.

Download the list of signatories

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